PhotoFunia-1452814_sMade in Hong Kong, exported to the UK as a transracial adoptee in 60s. A dyslexic actor, writer, filmmaker, trainer and transracial adoptee advocate and speaker, who loves Dim Sum, Yorkshire puddings and a nice cuppa cha!
Abandoned on the steps of 9 Austin Avenue Kow Loon. Adopted by a white family, now in her fifties she is probably on the most important journey of her life.

A published writer, you can read one of Lucy’s poems in the new anthology, The Dance Is New published by Mardibooks available from Amazon click here

Lucy is also a contributing author to the ANY-YA project Perpetual Child:An Adult Adoptee Anthology…
And a contributing author to Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists
Lucy will again be in print as a contributing author for AN-YA’s next project Dear Wonderful You
Other writings pending publishing:
Adoption Therapy Perspectives
Adoptee Survival Guide

Lucy is also in the process of compiling her first ever poetry anthology click here to read one of the poems that she will be including. Her work was recently described in the following manner:

Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen Sheen’s poem Chinese Water Thoughts reminds me of a contemporary Eastern Emily Dickinson. She fabricates her words in a meaningful and enjoyable manner. Every day frugality is seen through wonderful and sensitive eyes.
Graca Guimaraes, Literary Editor Banana Writers


Lucy is currently in the middle of developing and writing three full length stage plays, in post production for her first independent documentary Abandoned, Adopted, Here. Which is hopefully going to be completed by the end of this year, early 2015.
As with all jobbing freelancers it’s always a struggle and a balancing act between being creative and earning enough to cover the basics.

Lucy would like to add that whilst she will do everything reasonable (time allowing) to accommodate projects and people who are on limited budgets, working for free is not what Freelancer means. Acting, writing, public speaking and training is how Lucy makes her living. You would not dream of approaching Lucy Liu or Lenny Henry and expect them to work for free! Though I’m sure if they believed in the project they would consider it. As their bank balance are in much healthier state than Lucy’s!  Remember Lucy is a working, jobbing actor/writer. This is not a hobby or something that she does to pass the time of day. This is how she earns money to pay the bills and the tax man like everyone else.

Having said that Lucy is always pleased to hear from people if they are interested in hiring her as a speaker on transracial adoption,  or to commission a written piece, or to discuss other freelance work opportunities. Please do send Lucy a message:

Feedback, responses and opinions are most welcome if polite, respectful and do not contain material which could cause offence. Thank you

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