The Wanderer – Just who was Frank Soo?

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Stanley Matthews, once regarded as the most famous footballer in the word (at least in England and until Pelé came along), wrote five autobiographies. The man whose life story I’m writing, Frank Soo, barely gets a mention in any of them. In fact, he appears, briefly, in only one – three of them were, in any case, updated rehashes of Matthews’ 1948 autobiography, Feet First.

Frank’s absence puzzled me. He and Stanley Matthews had so much in common – they loved to play on the wing, albeit usually on opposite sides of the pitch, they were both elegant players but their talent – however lightly worn – was the result of dedication, hard work, and eschewing the beer and fags culture of so many of their contemporaries. Someone told me that, as teenagers waiting for their chance to get into the Stoke City first team, they…

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