Well an intense week of development work has now concluded on my new play Sh¯ofu,Wianbu,Pi

It’s been a huge challenge (in the nicest of possible ways), exhuasting, emotionally draining, joyful, also a few tears of emotion prompted by the subject matter, two all nighters where I re-wrote one act and majorly retweaked another but it was all worth it.

When you have  a brilliant cast and director
Pik- Sem Lim
Sarah Lam
Joan Walker
Jennifer Lim
Kevin Shen
Matthew Leonhart
Director: Kim Pearce.

Then you’re bound to end the week on a high with something quite extraordinary and rather special.

I am physically exhausted and some what emotionally depleated.
But what will emerge from the notes, the re-writes and (hopefully) reviewing the recorded reading; a shiny new draft which will be production ready.

This why workshoping and development on new writing is so important and why it should but fully funded.

Huge thanks to Papergang Theatre Company 

So fingers crossed that this week of development work will lead to something more substantial in the near future –  in the meantime this wonderful sketch done by Matthew Leonhart during rehearsals will have to suffice