A Small Rant & The American Side

it’s that time again to check out the latetest from the fairyprincessdiaries


The Fairy Princess was flitting about the world wide interweb today and it is..damn, the news is awful. Truly awful. She absolutely does not want to send condolences one more time to any school, town, church, or city where terrorism – domestic or otherwise has occurred. She wants these things to stop occurring.


In other countries, when they have had these things happen, they have restricted guns and guess what? They stopped happening. Australia. Sweden. Ireland. England. Germany.


It’s time to shut this all down, and vote out the people who protect the NRA and fail to protect the innocents who are the victims of our lax gun laws.

Everyone is saying it – but you all, come Election Day, can change it. It does not matter if your opinion is conservative, or if you don’t like the Democratic candidates – you have…

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