Japanese journalist to release film on ‘comfort women’



Japanese journalist Toshikuni Doi plans to release a film on Korean sexual slaves during World War II in Tokyo Sunday.

The documentary “Live With the Memory” will contain Doi’s reporting in the 1990s in Seoul on seven victims of Japan’s wartime sexual slavery. Its release comes more than 20 years after the journalist began covering the issue in 1994.

In a recent interview with the Asahi Shimbun, Doi said that he decided to belatedly pursue the film’s release in Japan to spread the personal stories of the victims.

“The recent debate on comfort women does not represent the individual stories,” Doi said. “The film’s purpose is to deliver their own voices.”

The film runs for three hours and 35 minutes and will be shown at the Hibiya Conventional Hall.

He observed and filmed the lives of seven victims in Seoul from December 1994 through January 1997.

One of the victims…

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