Interview with Lucy Sheen for The Adoptee Survival Guide

Here I am being interviewd by the wonderful

elle cuardaigh


It is my pleasure to present Lucy Sheen, co-contributor of The Adoptee Survival Guide:

(Elle) In the US, it is not unusual for white people to adopt children of a difference race, either domestically or from overseas. But when you were adopted in England, you were very unique. Can you tell us a little about that?

(Lucy) Yes. I am one of just 106 Hong Kong Foundlings transracially adopted by predominantly white families in the UK. We were the first-ever organised group of transracial adoptees to come to the UK. It was called The Hong Kong Project (1950s to early 1960s), and grew out of the initiation of World Refugee Year 1959. It was an effort to cope with the spillover of WWII refugees and those in the Far East fleeing Mainland China. Hong Kong had an estimated 300,000 people living in the streets or in flimsy, makeshift housing. Initially the…

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