Interview with Elle Cuardaigh – Adoptee Survival Guide contributing author

Today I’m proud and very privileged to be talking to Elle Cuardaigh, fellow adoptee and author. Elle if you wouldn’t mind introducing yourself, please.

1425706_1388313531409950_1457197398_nMy pen name is Elle Cuardaigh and I live in the Seattle, Washington area. (And yes, it is raining, and yes, we really do drink a lot of coffee.)

How old where you, Elle when you were adopted?

1425706_1388313531409950_1457197398_nI went home directly from the hospital with my adoptive parents at the age of three days. It was a private adoption arranged by the family doctor, who also delivered me. So he was my paediatrician and adoption facilitator.

How quickly did adoption become an active part of your life?

1425706_1388313531409950_1457197398_nI cannot remember a time when adoption was not a huge, if usually silent, part of my existence. I was determined to find my birth family by the time I was a teen. I joined a search organization (Washington Adoptees Rights Movement) when I was nineteen. It would have been when I was eighteen, but it took me that long to save up the required fees. I felt I could not have children until I knew where I came from.

How did you become one of the contributing authors on the Adoptee Survival Guide

1425706_1388313531409950_1457197398_nLynn Grubb said she was writing a book and needed adoptee contributors. Her shameless flattery for my book The Tangled Red Thread may have had something to do with me immediately agreeing to help. I asked what she wanted me to write about, and she said, “Funeral crashing.” So that’s how that happened.

Adoption, what for you is the most important issue connected to adoption that you would like to see changed and why?

1425706_1388313531409950_1457197398_nIf I could change just one thing about adoption today, it would be that the money was taken out of it. As long as people can profit from an industry, there will be
corruption. Take away their incentive, and suddenly it’s on the up-and-up. That goes for both adoption and foster care. So many children are being taken from their parents for no reason other than someone is making a living from it.
Thank you for the chance to interview with you, Lucy.

No, thank you Elle for agreeing to talk with me today. If you would like to know more about Elle then click on the links below.

The Tangled Red Thread

Elle Cuardaigh
author of  The Tangled Red Thread
and contributing writer to the Adoptee Survival Guide


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