Miss Saigon Lies; The Theatre Denies

Much food for thought people – check it out

Red Thread Broken

I walked into the restaurant, optimistic that after months of ignoring my letter, M Theatre was finally willing to hear the issues with Miss Saigon and work out the best possible solution. This overly ideal dream was crushed in just minutes, as the artistic director told me that they were committed to performing Miss Saigon and could not change any of the lines or lyrics under contract.

While a part of me was expecting this, I was not expecting the board of M Theatre to bring an Asian woman with them who was not a board member. This woman introduced herself to me and interjected the conversation only once when asked. Her presence, I guess, was supposed to throw me off or weaken my argument in a “Not all Asians feel this way” type of banter. This move of theirs, I believe only strengthens my argument and highlights M Theatre’s…

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