An anti-poem on anti-adoption.

Thought provoking anti-poem about anti-adoption

Daniel Drennan ElAwar

In the world of adoption there would seem to be a spectrum of potential caregivers. The spectrum ranges from one pole focused on the needs of the child to the other pole focused on the needs of the parent(s). On one end of the spectrum you would have parents willingly caring for others’ children in the interest of the community; this is usually referred to as “foster care”. On the other end you would have parents carrying out the economic and political targeting of the marginalized within society by taking their children from them and in the process, doing away with their families and community. This is historically known as “adoption”.

This anti-adoption anti-poem is dedicated to those on the latter end of the spectrum, who pollute the mediated realm with horrid “grown in my heart/not my tummy” poetry and aphorisms; with treacly rhyming pieces of dreck that get Facebooked…

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2 thoughts on “An anti-poem on anti-adoption.

  1. Lucy that is awesome, really tells it how it is, Un fortunately the pple who should learn from it are the ones who won’t bother to read it because it’s not all about them. Thanx for passing it on xxc

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    Maggie styles.



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