Dear #ThatAsianKid from #Playbill ‘s #AskJohnny

fairprincessdiaries with a poignant post reflecting on recent world events


The Fairy Princess has not been blogging much, she’s been paying attention to world events that are too sad to reiterate here, though she has, of course, written at length, sadly, in the past.

Image by Banksy Image by Banksy

She hopes she never has to write about the slaughtering of young men again, she is hoping America will figure out how to come together and end senseless violence towards one another.

She hopes. Always, there is hope.

She also noted that two television shows starring Asian Americans were cancelled in the last weeks – SELFIE, starring, of course, the fantastic John Cho…

And TBS cancelled Sullivan and Son, with the always hilarious Jodi Long….

However….in every cloud there is a silver lining, so the saying goes, and here is one – HULU is going to be broadcasting the rest of the season of SELFIE, which means if you fell…

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