Miss Saigon Comes to My Hometown

“Firstly, Miss Saigon romanticizes human sex trafficking. The whole plot glorifies prostitution as a “career” in which one can find their true love. I think I can arguably say that this line of work wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice unless they felt they didn’t have any other options.”

Red Thread Broken

A modified version of a letter I sent to my city’s local theatre company


To Whom it May Concern,

I recently enjoyed a wonderful production of A Chorus Line, performed by the M Theatre. I found this musical to be emotive and particularly sensitive to the LGBT community. The scene in which Paul retells his parents essentially disowning him was handled with grace and definitely ignited a few tears in my eyes, as well as my fellow viewers. Because I enjoyed A Chorus Line so much, I looked in the playbill to see what shows were in the works and was deeply surprised to learn that M Theatre will be putting on a production of something as controversial as Miss Saigon.

While A Chorus Line was so respectful to the LGBT community, Miss Saigon is anything but respectful to the Asian/Pacific Islander community. Because your group has chosen to show Miss Saigon

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