Shit People Say to Adoptees

If I had a pound coin for every time someone had said of these things to I’d be a very rich woman!

Red Thread Broken

I was perusing the internet when I found this recently uploaded video. I think Li Jiang does an excellent job pointing out some of the highlights many adoptees have been asked. I really enjoyed this video, because unlike previous attempts that focus on questions targeted towards adoptive parents, this video showcases the comments adoptees receive regularly. Reflecting on my personal experiences, I think many of the comments or questions people have asked me can be categorized by common sentiment.

The Fascinated:
“I wish I was adopted!”
“Was your birthday was government issued? That’d be so cool!”

The Ignorant Inquiries:
“Wait, so you don’t know why your real parents gave you away?”
“Did your mother find you on her doorstep or something?”

The Pity Zone:
When one of my teachers found out I was adopted, she spun her rolling chair around and began to cry. Between shallow breaths, in a hallow voice she uttered, “I just think…

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