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Red Thread Broken


Is Chinese identity personal, national, cultural, political? Does it migrate, become malleable or transmuted? When is it authentic, sacred, exotic, kitsch? Wing’s latest project employs various documentary and conceptual photographic strategies to explore the vast and complex array of Chinese identity experiences in Minnesota, throughout the United States, and in China.

This past weekend, I was able to attend the opening reception of Wing Young Huie’s latest project, titled Chinese-ness. As a Chinese-American adoptee, the concept of Chinese-ness is one that I have thought about almost my entire life.  I have often wondered what constitutes Chinese-ness. Am I Chinese because I was born in China? Am I Chinese because I look Chinese? Is my Chinese identity diluted by having non-Chinese parents? Whitewashed because I have lived in America for so long? Illegitimate because I a can’t speak Mandarin? Who has the ability to label me as Chinese or not…

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