Small House of Uncle White Guy….

“being from the UK and working within the UK, one would be unable to not see Actors of color as part of your regular activity as a Director. ” Well you’d think wouldn’t you. But having actually heard a major UK CSD stand up infront of nearly two-hundred British East Asian Artists and declare that they only were aware of a small handful of the actors assembled in the in the room. So it get’s you thinking doesn’t it and not in a good way.


The Fairy Princess wanted the weekend off.

After all, she had brought up a few uncomfortable topics in the last week – the TONYS and AFTER MIDNIGHT not having a Cast Recording…she thought she was done for the week. Plus which, she was just informed that – in what could only be termed as excellent timing – Lincoln Center Archives announced that they were going to tape AFTER MIDNIGHT for their records, so the show will not go quietly into that dark night, never to be heard from again.

The Fairy Princess was feeling good!

Dance Break!

Until she read the New York Times review of the revival of The King & I currently up in Paris till June 29 –

‘If there is a theater outside the English-speaking world where productions of American musical comedies equal or surpass those of Broadway, Théâtre du Châtelet is it.’

The Fairy Princess

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