Tina Traster, Carrie O’Toole, aka, The Monsters of Adoption

“Because of our recent actions, some have openly asked why LGA continue to focus on the likes of Tina Traster. Are we not giving her more publicity? To that I say, if LGA and others do not critique, we would be at fault and a part of the problem. Adoptive parents, who CHOOSE to join the ranks of adoptive parenthood, hold great power/have great agency in adoption. They run adoption agencies. They are the monetary source of adoption agencies. They run the adoption lobby. They have the ears of lawmakers. The media adores them, and frequently gives them a free pass to say whatever is on their minds. Adoptees, who DO NOT choose to join the ranks of adopteehood, have not held power traditionally and rarely have agency in adoption. Especially young adoptees, like Tina Traster’s adopted daughter, certainly do not; young adoptees need organizations, like LGA and others, to advocate for them.”

Kevin Haebeom Vollmers

The Land of Gazillion Adoptees Facebook and Twitter admins have been going to town on Tina Traster in the last few days.  All snark aside (a hallmark of LGA FB and Twitter), we fundamentally believe that Tina Traster is unethically using her daughter to advance her career.  Tina’s narcissistic drive/need/desire for attention and her actions to paint herself as a victim and her daughter as some sort of monster are bordering on mental and emotional child abuse.  What type of adoptive parent, or any type of parent, says this about her own daughter, whom she CHOSE to bring into her life, publicly in books, magazines, and television?

“If I had been asked to describe Julia, this is the list I would have come up with independently. The child is ‘superficially charming and engaging, particularly among strangers she feels she can manipulate.'” (source)  

Because of our statements made…

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