When the BBC told the BEAs to take a Slow Boat to China….

fairyprincessdiaries cast her wand over the the recent response the BBC sent a British East Asian actress Elizabeth Chan when she queried why there were so few BEAs appearing in the media


The Fairy Princess needs some sleep. Seriously, between the time zones and demands for this or that to be put on tape, she is too tired to function and well, to say she is needing some intervention…


would be putting it mildly.

The Fairy Princess is mainly exhausted because her 2 year old has discovered that he can climb, and at less than a moments notice she has to pull him from the top of a table or a piano or a flight of stairs – you understand, he’s a maniac, maniac on the floor – or the stairs, or the hallway, or…you get the idea.

However she came across a letter written by the BBC explaining why they cannot have a more diverse television palette in the UK, which she found shocking because here in the US of A, our  television Networks continue to make great strides in their…

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