Extract from a BBC rejection letter

For me my mind is very much on the BBC response to student Bess (AKA Katherine) Chan and her question to the BBC why there are so few British East Asians seen in the media
Two excellent articles have been written on the subject Anna Chen’s aka Madam Miaow’s British East Asian FAQs for BBC, casting directors and media – See more click here  and fairyprincessdiaries When the BBC told the BEAs to take a Slow Boat to China

Call me cynical and possibly jaded but until we have the writers in place then very little will change. Please prove me wrong, I would love to be proved wrong on this one.


I came across an early rejection letter from the BBC – for me this says it all. Of course I could really suck at writing, but I don’t think so. This is an extract that I received

Re: Chinese Taken Away … I found it an interesting concept for a story and came across as being very emotionally charged. However, in the end I found it was too slight and feel it’s one we don’t wish to pursue.”

This was one of the first pieces that I ever wrote and it was quite some time ago. In hindsight I should have pushed. In hindsight maybe the BBC should have offered a little more to a fledgling female BAME writer?