Assimilate or…?

My response to Assimilate …
I think that I am maybe on the road to this reverse assimilation. I have spent a life time feeling rather like a two dimensional sculpture where the façade is in 3D but the back is flat and un-carved.
Society has tried to chew my face off, hell even I tried to chew my own face off when I was younger. But it remained. In the same manner that having been brought up in the culture and society of white privilege with the expectation that I would embrace and assimilate; but at the same time no matter how much education, how much orientation and submersion in white and western culture, I was never ever going to be white. I would never ever be able to reap the benefits of the white privileged culture that I was brought up in.
I think that we have to take back that which was lost, that which was taken from us. Assimilation is a slow death as those with power and money consciously or subconsciously seek to conquer all.
If you remove the children of a race and wipe their minds of emotional, cultural and linguistic memories or connections, it’s as if they never existed, as if they don’t matter. A way to control, subjugate and keep the oppressed, oppressed.
We must continue to challenge and find our own ways home


Random snippets behind this post include this quote I came across on Twitter [link]:

“Getting rid of your Chineseness by losing your accent, it’s like grinding away your face.” —Richard A Lou, artist; from the book War Baby/Love Child

It makes me think of a former and historical/egalitarian “cosmopolitanism” or mixing of cultures in an urban setting, with a neo-cosmopolitanism today which demands assimilation and a class attainment that goes unmentioned.

I’m thinking of the mediation of this demand to “grind away your face”, from the classist Hee Haw to the Disney Channel, where everyone speaks with a “California lite” accent and has Consumerism as their religion.

Ironically, this kind of minstrelsy is often seen by the targeted group(s) as “empowering”; I’m thinking here of The Sopranos or The Jersey Shore or Glee (etc.).

There was a day when alternatives to mainstream media existed; now seemingly long gone….

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