When Things Go Wrong . . .

THERE ARE TWO PERFECTLY GOOD ME'S:One dead, the other unborn
from an original design concept by Lucy Sheen
Vivian Lu responsible for the final design layout

Being a theatre producer was not something that was really on the cards for me. But I’ve had to fill this role.
Here I am with four days left to go before the first showcase is performed at The King’s Head Theatre in London.
I am beyond being depressed or angry, it’s just a question of sorting/coping with last minute challenges.
Enforced personnel changes, the possibility of loosing rehearsal space and no time (or money t’was ever thus) to find a replacement.
The set that we are performing over is immoveable and means that the sister piece I.C.U. has had to be completely re-staged

God knows what the director Adam Dattis thought when I called him yesterday evening, just shy of a few minutes before their rehearsal!
But as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going and the cast of I.C.U. are certainly that.
Jay Oliver Yip and Nick Skaugen I salute you!

from an original concept and design of Lucy Sheen’s
Vivian Lu responsible for the final image

I can’t even cry about this I’m beyond all of that. Though my face has erupted with one of the worst eczema attacks that I have had in quite some considerable time. This makes the pre-shoot zit look like a beauty spot!
I’m just going to have to put this all down to experience and hope and pray that everything will “be alright on the night”

One thing is for sure after this is all over, I will not be rushing to self-produce any time soon.
Once the dust has settled there are lessons to be learnt from both sides  –  such a situation doesn’t happen on it’s own.
I’m willing to take responsibility for the part I may have played in this situation, but it does take “two” as they say.  So, how I take on external unknown personnel, from this point onwards will undergo an in depth and far reaching review. In practice this probably means that only experienced professionals with a traceable track record or at least certified or verifiable references will be take under consideration. That’s a shame but I can’t have my next project compromised at the eleventh hour, like this one has been.
But hey you live, you learn, you move on