Do Trans-racial Adoptees Know Anything About Trans-racial Adoption?

As if in my opinion you need any more evidence that it is imperative, nay should be compulsory for a transracial adoptee to be included in any such discussions. Even happy transracial adoptees will still have had to face discrimination and racial abuse. But they will have faced an dealt with those types of situations

Angela Tucker

NPR contacted me and asked me to be a part of the Sunday Conversation that aired yesterday morning. I spoke in depth about my story, my upbringing, the challenges and joys of my experience being raised by White parents, only to receive an email the next day stating that they had chosen to go another route. I responded kindly by stating “I sure hope you’ve chosen to include an adoptees perspective for your segment.” I awoke to hear the one-sided, tired, age old perspective that we’ve heard so many times before. A loving, White adoptive parent of three African American children was the only voice to hear. While her voice is valid and valuable, it should not have been the only voice featured on…

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