Only 24 days left for the crowd-fundraiser

Just landed 1963

Good morning from London. Another Monday and the beginning of another week.

GET LUCY’S WORK TO THE KING’S HEAD THEATRE is so near and yet so far. The campaign is up to 70% of the target THANKS TO EVERYONE OF YOU who have contributed thus far. To those who have shared on social media and retweeted. Every little has helped to get the campaign where it is today.

But now we really are at a very critical stage where people might think “oh they doing ok, they don’t need my help.”
That could not be further from the truth. Now more than ever as the campaign reaches the top of the final hill to look down onto the long homes straight, it is now that we need your contributions.

It can’t be said enough every little truly does help and can make the difference between reaching the target or falling short.

Please share amongst you networks and potential contributors and let’s GET LUCY’S WORK TO THE KING’S HEAD THEATRE
Thank You