Help GET LUCY’S WORK TO THE KING’S HEAD THEATRE only needs £610 to reach target!

Good morning from HELP GET LUCY’S WORK TO THE KING’S HEAD in London. It’s a chilly start to the midweek and weather has definitely turned from summer to autumn brrrrr.

So who is going to be the next contributor? Will they be from the UK or overseas.  Shy or wanting the world to know that they support the arts?

Mid way into only our fourth week of campaigning and we have raised a stonking 64% of the target.

That is THANKS TO ALL OF YOU out there who took the time and the trouble to support this creative project.

Another £610 is needed to reach the target. Now more than ever we need all the support that we can find. So please if you have not already contributed and have been meaning to don’t delay contribute today. There is no time like the present.

Every single penny counts – please don’t think that if you can only afford £2 that it is too little. It isn’t. it will really help towards that reaching that final goal

Thank You