It feels as if the world and it’s dog is gainfully employed and I am once again on the fringes.

It’s always galling when you miss out on stuff. That’s life, that’s show biz. But when you miss out on job after job you start to question your own worth. But what is even worse, is when you miss out on a project that you were instrumental in setting up. I know just need to let go. But it’s hard. Everyone else benefits and you loose out. It’s not even the fact that I didn’t get to audition ( actual age restrictions was placed on the roles) it’s the fact that I didn’t even get a call, I had declared my continued interest in the piece even though my active involvement on the production side of things had ceased.  I got an email of course which is really means – no.
Maybe I’m just old fashioned and I value good manners – I mean what does it take to write a short email or just pick up the phone (the latter does require courage I guess in these circumstances).That’s one aspect of change that I dislike. People have forgotten the basics – good manners and treating people as they would like themselves to be treated.

So it’s back to slaving over a hot Arts Council Grant Application

Fingers crossed something else will come up