“Failed” again . . .

As an actor you get used to being rejected it’s all part of the job. But there are times when we all just don’t get it. You just can’t understand why you didn’t get that role or this role and it irks.

Failed Test

Well I’ve been through this now with six productions all a big fat NO. One production company didn’t even bother to see me but then one production company fed back via my agent. They thought I was great, but not quite right for the particular play they’d seen me for – sigh.

And yes it does “sting” and no, it’s not sour grapes. But you do begin to doubt your own abilities. You start second guessing what production company A wants and what production B is looking for and do you embody that?

Actors want to work, they want what every one wants. It’s just that in this profession consistency of work is not guaranteed. Famous for only a small percentage of actors at anyone time being in employment,  as many people have said, mostly actors themselves, you have to be crazy to want to work in this business.

And then suddenly out of the blue I get a cast in a short film and then get a small corporate film. Confidence is given a reboot
It’s a funny old game