It’s been an unusual past two months in that I have had more castings and meetings than I can remember. Almost as many as I used to have when I first graduated back in 1985!

So what exactly is it that “goes wrong” and why? Well that’s the 64million dollar question isn’t it and if I knew the answer to that, I’d never be out of work.

All I know is that I go up for castings and bomb out.
But when I am hired I do a good job as is evidenced by my past nominations for theatre awards.

Is it a lack of confidence, lack of practice…because these days to be seen for an unspecified casting role is so rare. Or is it more to do with the expectations of those who sit on the other side of the desk and what they assume of British East Asians?
I guess maybe it’s a combination of all of the above

Thirty years on and I still get butterflies, sweaty palms and a dry mouth every time I go for a casting
Well at least that’s consistent if nothing else.